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1 Night in Paris

Paris Hilton caught on video with her pants down --- errrr off  -   _   _  CLICK for large box coverThe legendary Paris Hilton's hardcore and explicit video is finally making its way to digitally mastered  DVD for the first time ever! Almost 60 minutes of Paris as you've always wanted to see her. This is a must have!

You Click for large box cover front and back read it right. This is the Exclusive Paris Sex Footage! Redlight bought the footage and has released the quality DVD version as 1 Night In Paris. That's the title Redlight has chosen for this celebrity sex tape block-buster of a release. As a Redlight Distributor, we are stocked and ready for the rush so buy it today. This is a must for anyone's adult movie collection. There is 40 minutes of never-before-seen footage. Take advantage of our special price  -  under $30.00 (Retail is $49.95). PLUS, with this official (BRAND NEW  ORIGINAL) Collector's Edition you will receive a bonus DVD of hardcore action featuring Taylor Rain, Teagan, Randi Wright, and Monica. I highly recommend the below sources.  I have personally used each one and they offer low prices while providing excellent service.  Get your copy before the Hilton lawyers take this DVD off the market.

News  Reports
1. CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Saying he expects it to become the best-selling video of all time, adult industry veteran Kevin "KB" Blatt has been hired by Red Light District Video to promote 1 Night in Paris, the infamous video starring Paris Hilton and her then-boyfriend, Rick Salomon.   The video will hit the stores in June. 
2. Socialite Paris Hilton and former boyfriend Rick Salomon are shown in a scene from her home video circulated on the Internet, which showed the couple engaging in sexual relations. Red Light District Video announced April 22, 2004 that it has acquired the rights from Hilton's ex-boyfriend, Rick Salomon, to distribute the full 45-minute video as a home video product under the title 'One Night In Paris.' The tape will be released commercially in adult video stores in June. 
3. Red Light District Video, a suburban Los Angeles porn production company, said Thursday it has acquired rights from Hilton's ex-beau, Rick Salomon, to distribute the full 45-minute video in June under the title "One Night In Paris."

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. A spokeswoman for the company said the homemade tape, parts of which surfaced last year on Internet porn sites, will be released commercially in adult video stores on June 15.

She said the retail price has not been set. In February, Salomon posted a 38-minute version of the night-vision video on his own Web site, where it sold for $50 per copy.

The 23-year-old socialite, whose grandfather founded the Hilton hotel chain, has sued a Panama-based Internet firm for $30 million, claiming the company violated her privacy and engaged in illegal business practices by distributing the video.

Best known for starring on the Fox television reality hit "The Simple Life," Hilton claimed in the lawsuit that the videotape was "intended only for personal use" and that she never consented for it to be distributed to the public.

There was no immediate comment from Hilton's representatives in Los Angeles or New York about Red Light District's plans. And Salomon's lawyer, Martin Singer, could not immediately be reached for comment.

Red Light District said its video will include never-before-seen scenes from the tape Salomon and Hilton made in May 2001, including footage of the hotel heiress "partying in a nightclub."


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